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Susan Walsh / Associated Press

Collins: RNC Support For Moore A 'Mistake', 'Confident' Of GOP Leaders' Promises On Tax Bill

With a special U.S. Senate election in Alabama set for Tuesday, Maine Republican Sen. Susan Collins says she is disappointed that the Republican National Committee has decided to throw its support behind Republican candidate Roy Moore.

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WATERVILLE, Maine - Maine police say a man is in custody following a 15-hour standoff with an armed suspect in Waterville.
Waterville police say 23-year-old Michael Joslyn was taken into custody around noon Sunday after firing multiple gunshots. No one was injured.
Police say Joslyn's landlord reported he was attempting to shoot through his apartment floor into the landlord's ground floor apartment. Deputy Police Chief Bill Bonney says Joslyn was intoxicated at the time and was in a dispute with the landlord.

Gasoline prices in Maine have fallen about 6 cents a gallon over the last month, and now stand at a statewide average of $2.48.

Gas Buddy analyst Patrick DeHahn says prices are not expected to drop much more in the near future. "Well, gas prices may remain relatively stable around where they are today at $2.48 a gallon," he says. "I'm not seeing any tremendous downward moves."

Over the past year, gas prices in Maine have risen by about 20 cents a gallon, and DeHahn says oil prices are close to being the highest than they've been since 2015.

PORTLAND, Maine - Records show out-of-state riders now represent close to a quarter of snowmobile registrations in Maine.
The Portland Press Herald reports of the 85,035 sleds registered last winter, more than 23,000 were from nonresidents. Some registrations came from riders as far as Texas, California and Hawaii. Out-of-state registrations have grown from 15 percent of the total in 2000 to 27.3 percent last year.

AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine's Republican governor says he's trying to come up with proposed spending cuts to pay for voter-approved Medicaid expansion but says "it's a big reach.''
Gov. Paul LePage told The Associated Press "the money has got to be in the bank'' before Maine expands Medicaid to thousands of people at a $54.5 million price tag. LePage didn't detail what cuts could pay for expansion, but previously pushed for cuts to Medicaid eligibility and social assistance programs.

The nominees for the 2018 Golden Globe Awards were announced early Monday morning in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The Maine Center for Disease control is urging Mainers at higher risk for  hepatitis A infection to get vaccinated, in light of outbreaks of the disease in several states.

Maine has had four cases of hepatitis A in the last three months and that worries CDC epidemiologist Dr. Siiri Bennett.

“Because we have seen more in the last couple of months than we normally see, we thought now is a good time to actually increase awareness and get the message out that if you haven’t been vaccinated please do get vaccinated.”

Two pills to wipe out hookworm could cost you four cents. Or $400.

It just depends where you live.

The four cents is in Tanzania. That'll cover the two pills it takes to knock out the intestinal parasite. But in the United States, where hookworm has reemerged, the price for two 200 mg tablets of albendazole can cost as much as $400.

SANFORD, Maine - Police say an 88-year-old man died in a crash in which a vehicle lost traction on a snow-covered road in Sanford.
Police say Donald Yeskoo of Wells was declared dead at the scene. They say his vehicle crossed the center line of traffic and collided with a pick-up truck. A passenger, 82-year-old Joan Yeskoo of Wells, suffered internal injuries and was transported to a hospital.

"Unprecedented" is a term that was thrown around a lot to describe the crazy 2016 presidential election. Now, the Alabama Senate race may be giving that campaign a run for its money.

Nikki Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the U.N., said on Sunday that women who have accused President Trump of sexual harassment and assault "should be heard."

More than a dozen women came forward during the 2016 campaign with allegations of unwanted touching or kissing, or other forms of sexual harassment.

Haley addressed the allegations on CBS' Face the Nation, after discussing North Korea's missile tests and the plan to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.


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