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Workers At Hannaford Distribution Center Authorize Strike

Workers at Hannaford's South Portland distribution center have authorized a strike after rejecting the company's final contract proposal.

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Gas is about six cents cheaper this week than last week in Maine, with an average price of $2.55 a gallon. But Gas Buddy analyst Patrick DeHaan says it depends where you're looking,

Across Maine, if you're shopping around, some of the cheapest prices - there's some stations in the $2.40s, but if you're not shopping around you may spend quite a bit more - up to 30 cents a gallon more - on the highest end with some stations as much as the $2.70s."

Legislative leaders have voted unanimously to allow a new bill this session that requires more disclosure of the financing of ballot initiatives. 

Rep. Louis Luchini, a Democrat from Ellsworth, is sponsoring the legislation. It requires more thorough and timely disclosure of the spending to get a ballot question approved.

“What is really important to me is to, I think, understand all of the financing issues," Luchini says. "That’s something we really saw last year during the casino campaign where lots of money was flowing in, we didn’t know where it was coming from. “

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The U.S. women's ice hockey team dismantled Finland in their semifinals matchup at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics on Monday, scoring goals early and often and claiming a spot in the gold medal game, where they will face Canada.

The U.S. team scored two goals in each of the first two periods; a pair of scores came in less than one minute in the second period.

Animals that live in the ocean communicate with sound — humpback whales, for example. But these voices could soon be drowned out by powerful sonic booms from vessels searching for oil and gas.

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The Maine Republican Party's executive director has admitted that he ran an anonymous website that attacked liberal politicians and candidates. 

The admission by Jason Savage came less than a week before the Maine Ethics Commission will review a complaint by the Maine Democratic Party.

Democrats say the GOP and Savage may have broken campaign finance laws by not disclosing that the pieces were intended to hobble liberal candidate Ben Chin during last year's Lewiston mayoral race.

But the GOP says it neither authorized nor paid for the Maine Examiner website.

SCARBOROUGH, Maine - The principal of a Maine high school has resigned suddenly without giving a public reason as a dispute is roiling in the community about new school start times.
Scarborough High School principal David Creech resigned on Friday. The Portland Press Herald reports the resignation came after an intense Board of Education meeting on Thursday in which the local teachers union issued a statement against the proposed start times.
Creech's resignation is effective on June 30. The new start times are set to take effect in the fall.

AUGUSTA, Maine - Gov. Paul LePage's administration is opposing legislation to remove veterinarians from Maine's prescription monitoring program.
Republican Sen. Jim Hamper's bill could receive a committee vote Tuesday.
The bill would no longer require veterinarians to look up the prescription history of the person who brings in a pet before prescribing an opioid or a benzodiazepine for the animal.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport has confirmed that it has begun proceedings against Russian curler Aleksandr Krushelnitckii, who won a bronze medal in curling as part of the Olympic Athletes from Russia team at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

Krushelnitckii finished third in the mixed-doubles curling tournament, competing with his wife and teammate, Anastasia Bryzgalova.

Sunday afternoon, Cameron Kasky is doing push-ups in a park near Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Kasky, a junior, says kids like himself are doing something new, demanding a fresh look at America's gun laws.

"The crescendo has hit its point. It's enough and it's over," he says. "I haven't got a shred of doubt that this is going to be our change."

Food scientists at the University of Massachussetts Amherst have come up with a technique they say could make it a lot easier to avoid food poisoning.

The main piece of equipment? Your smartphone.

Currently, to identify the bacteria that can get you sick, like E. coli or salmonella, food scientists often use DNA testing.

They obtain samples from, say, raw spinach or chicken skin, by rinsing the food and collecting a tiny bit of bacteria from the water. Then they let that bacteria multiply over 24 hours to get a big enough sample.


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